Welcome to Cut the Mustard Club

To ‘cut the mustard‘ – means to succeed; to do something to the best of your ability.

Join our Club and give children the opportunity and space to discover what they can cut the mustard at!

What we do

We inspire children to discover themselves, and their strengths, through a range of outdoor experiences. Our vision is a world in which every primary and secondary-age child can engage in extra-curricular activities outside, regardless of their background.

We are inclusive to all and don’t let financial circumstances stand in the way of discovery, growth and achievement. Cut The Mustard Club addresses and exploits the mental and physical benefits of the outdoors, with hands on experiences which grow children’s confidence and aspiration to learn.

We aim to open doors to the outdoors, so our school children can thrive in beautiful green spaces.


We partner with a range of outdoor settings to enable everyone in our Club to discover their passion and ignite their spark. What will your students cut the mustard at? Gardening? Horse riding? Sailing? Orienteering? Group problem solving, presenting ideas, co-operating with others or seeing the natural world in a sharper light, engaging wholeheartedly?

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.” – J R R Tolkein


Our workshops are designed to break down the barriers preventing children from accessing natural environments in which to grow. We fundraise and work with schools, councils, care homes and local services to ensure nothing stands in the way of their growth.
Join our Club to discover how, and what, children can grow.

“Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air” – Walt Whitman


We provide school-aged children with the opportunities to achieve. By inspiring, educating and nurturing, we equip students with the skills needed to enable them to succeed. We work with certified partners to present awards to recognise the skills they’ve gained and the journeys they’ve made.

“Live the life you’ve dreamed.” – Henry David Thoreau

Who we work with

Cut The Mustard Club provides outdoor opportunities for primary and secondary school groups, colleges, nurseries, home-education groups, pupil referral units, social services and local community groups. We are inclusive of everyone, regardless of their age, gender, religious beliefs, race and socio-economic background.

What we really care about is nurturing the individual and helping each young person we work with to develop their own journey.

Why we do it

As a teacher or childcare provider, you will recognise the mental and physical effects that Lockdown and Covid have had on our children. Cut The Mustard Club provides a unique opportunity for children to catch up in a nurturing environment. Giving a much-needed boost to their confidence, and a chance to explore newfound skills outside and bring back a positive attitude to the classroom. One which we hope will continue to influence their learning and development for the long term.

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Upcoming Gardening Workshops

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Limited Availability for January 2022 - Book Now

We are now taking bookings for 2022 as our December workshops have sold out. We have limited availability in January so get in touch now to avoid disappointment.