Cut The Mustard Children with Councillor Jenny Forde

Cut The Mustard Club is very excited to share news of a new outdoor workshop….

We invite you to the beautiful grounds of Avening Park to learn all about horses (and yourself!) with IEFPL trained equine therapy facilitator, Alice Short, you will discover how horses communicate, understanding their expressions and emotions, learning how to care for them and also how to ride in harmony.

Our Relational and Therapeutic Horsemanship workshops allow youngsters to explore self awareness, body awareness, improve their confidence and engage in multi-sensory experiences. Through interactions with horses, you can develop skills such as communication, self-regulation, problem solving and accountability, as well as improving your self-esteem, empathy, flexibility and independence. Horses really can work wonders!

Alice started riding when she was 5 years old and has worked in equine therapy for 8 years. She has a wealth of experience working with young people with special educational needs. Her calm, patient nature coupled with her passion for horses makes her the perfect facilitator for our holistic and therapeutic equine workshops. The herd range in size, colours, age and experience, from 22 year old Troy who has been a therapy horse for nearly 9 years, to tall Cyra who is a new arrival who has great gentleness.

Sessions will include:

  • Learning about how horses communicate with each other, and how we communicate with them
  • Increasing our self awareness and starting to learn how to regulate and feel calm – Understanding a horse’s needs, then using this to reflect upon our own needs and self care
  • Learning how we ask a horse to do different things, this could include going for a walk or a ride
  • Developing the ability to receive communication from the horse, even if it’s not something we expect
  • Working as a team with the horses, and others in the group

Activities may include:

  • Meeting the herd
  • Grooming horses
  • Feeding and other horse care jobs
  • Going for a walk
  • Going for a ride
  • Sensory based riding
  • Training games with the horses
  • Painting the horses

Please contact Hana to arrange your equine workshop now.