picking strawberries

The sweet joy of strawberry picking

My three children adore being outside. They are very happy to pull their waterproofs and wellies on to splash in muddy puddles in the autumn, don their snowsuits to create snow animals in mid-winter, and count daffodils and lambs on country walks in the spring. But their favourite season is most definitely summer. Long, warm days during the summer holidays equals picnics in fields, water-fights in rivers and streams, digging big holes on the beach and foraging for fresh fruit.

Nothing says summer more than the deliciously sweet smell of strawberries, with picking your own fruit a fun activity for all ages. Today we were lucky enough to spend our day picking (and eating!) red, ripe, juicy strawberries. It gave my children the chance to embrace the great outdoors, soak up the sunshine and show our support for local farmers and producers.

Upon our arrival they each picked up a punnet and sprinted into the strawberry fields. The runners were heaving with succulent fruit so it didn’t take them long to fill each punnet to the top (with plenty going into their tummies too!) My son, who is under 2, loved the feel of the berries in his hands as he pulled them off the plant and gently squished them in his palms. Every sense was awakened as the smell and taste of fresh fruit matched the wonder of spotting the red jewels before hearing the tug as they got chosen to enter his punnet.

With the sun in our eyes, the sounds of birds circling above and a tractor in the distance, this is the kind of summer day we will all remember for a long time. Children thrive in the great outdoors yet we are all guilty of allowing them to spend far too much time staring at screens as opposed to properly experiencing the Great British seasons.

Outdoor adventures don’t need to cost a penny; you can wander to your local park to forage for wild food, or find a walk encompassing a stream for paddling in.

I write this planning our next outdoor excursion: a mini-beast hunt. What will your next adventure be?